The 7 Key Tips for Sellers

When selling a home, it is important for sellers to understand that they must showcase their property in such a way that it appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers.  Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when preparing to sell your home:

1. Separate Your Emotions from the House: As a home seller, it is in your best interests to cast the net as wide as possible, in an effort to make the house appealing to the greatest number of buyers.  This could mean making a few simple decorative adjustments.

2. Neutralize Your Home: Remember that potential buyers want to see the house as their home.  For this reason, it’s always a good idea to remove your personality.  This means putting away family photos and other personal items that may distract the buyers from visualizing the house as their home.

3. Step Number One, De-clutter: Here, you want to think, less is more.  After several years of living in a home, you may not realize how much clutter you’ve collected in your shelves, tables, desks, and walls.   It’s completely normal to feel emotionally attached to many of these items, but it’s critical to clear out these items in order for buyers to properly evaluate the home.

4. Start With The Kitchen: Most buyers agree that the kitchen is one of the most important purchasing factors when buying a home.  Removing all the clutter from the kitchen such as toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and things you use daily is a good starting point.  Showcasing clean, clear space in shelves and counter tops will make the kitchen area more inviting and appealing.

5. Cleaning And Touch Up Paint: Cleaning the house is the biggest bang for your buck in terms of properly showcasing your home.  You only get one chance to make a first impression for your home, so make sure it is sparkling clean.  Making sure that you clean walls and ceilings and touch up paint where needed is an easy, cost-effective must-do in preparing your home for buyers.

6. Exterior and Landscaping: Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in preparing your home for sale.  This is the buyers very first impression of your property, so make sure that the landscaping has been done.  For those that don’t have a lush front yard, just make sure the yard is cut and clean.  The exterior of the home, siding, brick or stone should be clean and any touch up paint or rotted wood should be addressed.

7. Pricing the house right: None of the above items matter if you do not price the home competitively. This is the most important factor in accomplishing the goal of selling your home in the least amount of time.  This is also an area where some homeowners have a difficult time keeping their emotions out of the selling process. By bringing their emotional value into pricing the home, some sellers often over price their house and set themselves up for a stale listing. This means having the home on the market longer than expected and lowering the price to levels they could have otherwise avoided, if they had priced their home right to begin with. Sellers are wise to focus on the data in the comparative market analysis (CMA) of similar homes with similar amenities that have sold in recent months.