What You Get

As part of listing your property with Tomas Corzo, these are just some of the benefits you will receive:

1. Provide comprehensive home staging strategy complete with tips and ideas to showcase home in the best condition for prospective buyers.

2. Provide a complete needs analysis for timeframe of moving, change in utilities, change of address, homestead change, relocation information or information about new area.

3. Provide an accurate Comparative Market Analysis to determine the current market value of the property.

4. Offer insight into what comparable properties are selling for and how they compare in terms features, amenities & upgrades to yours.

5. Gather all the specifics about the home’s improvements and special features so that your home is properly marketed and represented.

6. Help the seller gather all key information about the home that the buyer may need.  This means information such as a copy of the deed, a copy of the latest tax bill, copies of current utility bills, and a copy of the survey so that the buyer can fully evaluate the property.

7. Gather feedback from agents who have shown the property to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the home.  Additionally, reaching out to other agents in the surrounding area to research market activity on comparable properties.

8.  Submitting your home into the Multiple Listing Service so that it’s accessible to all licensed realtors in the city of Austin.  In addition to the MLS, your home will be place on several other sites including AustinHomeSearch.com, Realtor.com, Craig’s List, and HotPads.com.

9. Prepare a net-sheet so that you know what your net amount will be after the sale.

10. Cover the Seller’s Disclosure Statement with you and explain how the details will protect you.

11.  Place full-color flyers at the property and take digital photographs of the interior and exterior of the home for marketing in both web and print media.

12. Place lockbox at the property to allow agents to access and view the property with their buyers and place sign at the property to allow others to easily identify it.

13. Prepare sample financial terms for buyers to see different ways of purchasing the home.

14. Strategically pricing the home to ensure that you get the most attention in the least amount of time is one of the most important marketing points we will cover.

15.  Deliver copies of your property flyer to other top-producing agents in the area so that all of their buyers can be quickly notified of your properties availability.

16.  Provide Open Houses with a licensed Realtor upon request.

17. Network with top producing agents and offices around the Austin area to give your home the greatest amount of exposure.