Tips for Buyers

Tip 1: Choose a real estate agent who is committed to formbuy term papering a strong business relationship with you before, during and after the transaction.
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Tip 2: Make sure you are pre-qualified before you put an offer on a home.

Tip3: Get a good understanding for the costs involved in your purchase.
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Tip 4: Don’t limit your search to open houses, ads or the internet. Ask you real estate agent for the most accurate and up-to-date information

Tip 5: Don’t feel like there is only one perfect homcustom writing essayse out there. Buying a home is a process of elimination, not selection. New properties arrive on the market daily, so be open to all possibilities.  Ask your real estate agent for a comparative market analysis. This compares similar homes that have recently sold or are still for sale.

Tip 6: Consider your long-term needs. Will your home suit your needs 3-5 years from now? How about 5-10 years?

Tip 7: Follow through on your due diligence. Make a list of any concerns  you have relating to issues such as crime rates, schools, power lines, neighbors, environmental conditions, etc.  Ask the important questions before you make the offer on the home.

Tip 8: Have a home inspection. A qualified home inspector will detect issues that many buyers can overlook.

Tip 9: Purchae adequate insuracne. Advice from an insurance agent can provide you with answers to any concerns you may have.

Tip 10: Purchase a home protection plan/home warranty plan.  Ask your real estate agent about how to  have the seller pay for very important item.