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Dreams of feminist history in eastern European countries

Dreams of feminist history in eastern European countries A reply to Slavenka Drakulic

Giving an answer to Slavenka Drakulic’s present Eurozine article from the situation of females swept up within the transition that is post-’89 Kristen Ghodsee and Adriana Zaharijevic reconsider notions of “emancipation from above” and also the grassroots involvement of ordinary feamales in both the East therefore the West.

Not so long ago in western democracies, ladies banded together and rose up to beat their patriarchal oppressors. They linked hands and pumped fists, putting away their variations in battle, course, religion and ethnicity. This musical organization of glorious siblings demanded equal liberties, economic possibilities and reproductive freedoms. Democracy empowered ladies to talk down with regards to their liberties, and after several years of difficult challenge, western ladies triumphed. More Details