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Sales Follow-up Email Templates to Steal for Your Following Cold Email Campaign

An mistake that is all-too-common giving product product sales e-mails (or any type of outreach e-mail) would be to forget the followup. All of the focus gets placed on delivering a fantastic initial e-mail, even though the follow-ups become bit more than the usual box-ticking workout.

That’s a giant oversight, since research has shown over and over that many product sales derive from a followup.

So just why then are product product sales reps nevertheless:

Delivering emails that are bad? Timing their e-mails badly (for example, waiting too much time to deliver a followup, maybe maybe not waiting for enough time, or becoming too persistent and delivering emails that are too many? Not bothering to adhere to up at all?

If you’re bad of every of those, you won’t be generating as much leads or closing as many sales while you might be – fully guaranteed. More Details