Tomas with Mrs. Williams after he closing at Austin Title

Tomas with Mrs. Williams after the closing at Austin Title

Here is what some of the families had to say about their experience with Tomas Corzo:

“Tomas was amazingly effective in getting our house sold in a timely and efficient manner especially given the current market.  He helped us price our home effectively so that it would be competitive.  He was savvy as to how to present our home in the most appealing way.  He was also very aggressive in marketing our home and he was always following up with potential clients.  Tomas was also great at communicating to us the progress of our goals and always had our best interest in mind.  We felt he was always “on call” and that there was never a time when we couldn’t call with a question.  He seems to know everything about the business and if he doesn’t know something he’ll find it out for you very quickly.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tomas to anyone and we already have!” Travis & Cari Ancelet Austin, TX

“I am SO lucky and grateful to have found Tomas when I did. Having worked with many different realtors through transactions in the past has made me both savvy and skeptical about a using someone new, but Tomas far exceeded my expectations in all of the best ways!   In all of my years in real estate, I have never seen such tenacity and focus from a person.   From sorting through potential buyers to find the right fit to all of the unfair treatment from the investor’s end of it, Tomas’ dedication and follow through were stellar.   Tomas really deserves an accolade for his performance in this transaction.  His communication skills are excellent and his attention to all of the inane and absurd details that this short sale required really would have been far too much for most realtors to handle, but Tomas didn’t even flinch, he just tackled each problem with the calm and quick thinking & professionalism.  And most of all — the fact that he didn’t give up when things got HARD ( REALLY HARD) meant the most for all parties involved (buyer and seller).  This would have  never happened without Tomas.  I am truly grateful and definitely feel that I have a good Realtor in my reach.  I have recommended  and will continue recommending Tomas Corzo to everyone I know.  He really went above and beyond. Thanks so much for everything!” Sierra Swindler, Austin, TX.

“I would highly recommend Tomas Corzo as a Realtor to anyone out there who needs to sell. When others had failed, he delivered. His experience in having sold many of his own homes, not just other peoples, gave me confidence in his ability to sell mine.   I was very pleased that he sold my duplex within my time table. The patience and professionalism in negotiations with other Realtors showed me that I had the right agent on my side.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, helping with repairs, contacting tenants, giving me advice on many other real estate issues.  In addition to this, his belief in driving traffic to my property instead of waiting for someone to find my property in a computer, was something that was a huge asset to partnering with Tomas as my Realtor.”   Emmie Young Austin, TX

“From one homeowner to another, Tomas Corzo is someone you want on your side when when selling your home.  With his negotiating skills he successfully pulled me out of the foreclosure dead end and found a  buyer withing the time I needed.  He brought resluts to the table and gave me a second chance at a financial future instead of becoming another statistic!” Louis Hunt Austin, TX

“I recently purchased my first home with the help of Tomas. Having little knowledge in the home ownership, Tomas made the experience both enjoyable and informative.  Having remodeled and sold many of his own homes, he understands both the aesthetics and bones of the house. I definitely benefited from his expertise and knowledge. Thanks Tomas!” Kallia Shook, Austin, TX

“Every realtor I spoke with told me it was impossible to sale to pay off my loan that my only option was a short sale. I refused to give in and let my credit be scarred in any way. Then Tomas Corzo appeared at my door one day. He was like an angel sent from heaven.  Not only did he agree to help me sale my property, without settling for less than what I owed on it, but he was able to get my mortgage company to pull it from the sale the day before it was to be auctioned.  He worked closely with me and my mortgage company over the next couple of months when we finally did it.  IT SOLD! YEAH! If it wasn’t for the knowledge, dedication and compassion of Tomas Corzo I would of been just another statistic of foreclosure and 7+ years of bad credit to live with.  I can’t thank you enough Tomas for all your hard work and faith.”       Christi L. Williams  Austin, TX

“With the real estate market as it is my wife and I were just curious about how we could sell our house and move into a larger one given the arrival of our first son.  I knew Tomas in college and had not talked to him for over 10 years and ran into him one evening in town.  A month later or so I called him up and setup an appointment with the idea of just getting his opinion on our house and what he would think about listing it for us.  We explained to him what we wanted to do and our future plans and he picked up the ball and rolled with it.  Tomas was pleasure to work with through the entire process and we were very excited when the first showing occurred within a few days of listing.  Tomas was very good about cautioning us to not get too excited and to pace ourselves because of the buyer’s marker that we were in.  The next thing we knew we had multiple offers on the house and Tomas lead us through the entire way.  I feel that Tomas was instrumental in obtaining an offer that he was comfortable with presenting to us and we also feel that we got the best contract we could have gotten in this current real estate market.  Many thanks to Tomas and all the people he works with to make a successful transaction.”    Jeremy & Cantrell Morford  Austin, TX    July 2011

“Tomas handled the sale of our home in a very professional manner. His knowledge of the real estate business was very evident. We found it very easy to contact Tomas whenever we had questions. If he was unable to take our call, he would always return our calls at his earliest opportunity.  He would always offer his professional opinion about our property, but would respect our opinion as well. In a time when the real estate market was slow, Tomas was able to sell our home in a very short time. We are extremely happy with the price we received and we would highly recommend him to anyone that is trying to buy or sell a home.”  John Jeffers  Austin, TX  October 2011

“We ended up finding the house that fit us by surprise (we expected it to take us a month or two and it only took about two weeks), which really put us on the fast track to closing on the house. Tomas was expedient and diligent with his actions, writing an offer and getting us under contract the very same day before several other buyers showing high interest could make a move. We hit a few hiccups along the way: the seller’s throwing a curve ball in that they wanted to close in just three weeks, and the appraisal coming in unexpectedly and incorrectly low. Tomas was with us every step of the way keeping us updated, fighting with us to get an adjusted appraisal, and negotiating terms of the deal in exchange for meeting the seller’s needs. He even got us setup with a backup plan in the event that the appraisal was not adjust in our favor.” Brian & Lindsay Garland Cedar Park April 2012

“Tomas knows the market in Austin exceptionally well and was able to advise us on which areas of town would best fit our needs while giving us good value for our money. Tomas was able to explain all processes to us, and we had some complicated things that came up during our home search so I am glad that we were working with someone as knowledgeable as Tomas. A less experienced, less educated realtor may have faltered in some of those situations. Additionally, our home buying process was a somewhat longer one. We were in a good situation with our rental and were not in a huge rush to find the perfect place. My husband and I were not always on the same page as to what we were looking for. Tomas was patient with us and worked with us to try to figure out what would be the best fit for us. He showed us a lot of properties and was always on the lookout for new listings that might fit our needs. The first house that we found was a bankruptcy listing which we did not get due to a former lien filed on the house. Tomas went above and beyond with the court system contacts and fought for us every step of the way. Tomas picked things right back up after we got that disappointment, and we eventually found a house that ended up being a much a better fit and better value than the previous find.” Jeremy & Elizabeth Maurer Austin, TX September 2012